Please Allow Yourself To Feel


I need you to know that regardless of whatever you feel at any given time, your feelings are valid. Should you be drawn in by the siren’s song only to have a storm arise and get caught in the riptide, I need you to know that it’s okay. You made a mistake. You put all of your trust into someone or something, and although you voiced your doubts, they waved them away with a flick of their wrist and a kiss on your lips.

I need you to know that everything will be alright.

Should the beauty of the forest lure you in without a second thought, I need you to know that you will find your way home. You didn’t know any better; or maybe you did. You let yourself believe in the magic you were promised, and although you were afraid of hoping for the best and expecting the worst, they whispered honey in your ear and traced figure-eights in your back with a knife.

Almost always, you will be fooled by the ones you choose to love.

It is only the truth, a fact of life. When you share pieces of yourself with someone else, you give them more and more power until they crave to control what you feel. You may end up losing yourself to what you thought was real, even if it’s temporary. Still, you will make it out alive. I promise you, no matter how many times life messes with your head and makes it hard for you to breathe, you’ll be fine.

Whatever feelings you need to feel to navigate through the pain, let yourself embrace them.

Welcome them, and let them consume you. If feelings of anger or agony pick the locks on your heart and hold your mind hostage, do not look for the nearest exit. If momentary hysteria creeps in and silently takes a seat at the dinner table, offer your warmest hospitality. God, for once, just please don’t escape what’s been haunting you. Put your weapon down and your hands up.

Surrender. Let yourself feel.

When it’s all over, the fog blanketing your soul will lift and your heart will no longer be heavy. The remnants of the rain will surely remain, but not forever. Your feelings are valid, my dear. Please remember that.