Our Souls Are Thunder



You know the sound thunder makes
when it sounds like it’s ripping open the entire sky?
And it feels like your heart stops when the sky splits
And you feel like you can’t breathe

But for some reason you’re the
farthest from death you’ve ever been
while that galaxy-fracturing boom crackles
like radio static through your heart.

That is the sound my soul would make if souls made sounds.

But they say souls don’t make sounds
And they say people can’t see sounds,
only sights
And that people can’t hear sights,
only sounds.

But if people could see sounds
that’s the sound I saw in your dark eyes that one time
we looked for a little too long and
like lighting streaking through the darkest sky
your eyes sparked bright for a split second
because you saw what I saw
and it was good.

And my stomach dropped
And thunder boomed
And the sky split open with my soul into
a million little pieces.