Only We Can Decide How Our Life Is Manifested


It’s ironic how we as humans have such trouble being positive.

Sometimes it’s the things that present to us as our biggest blessings that are the things that feel like the heaviest burdens.

Now I’m not saying this is the case for every situation, as some things are just what they are: burdens.

But it’s like my job as a medical scribe, which might feel like a burden some day. Which is crazy, because it’s such an incredible stepping stone into my career and passion for health. So I started to dig. I started to really think about what a burden feels like to me.

Is this position something that brings my life extensive stress? Does it make me feel small and unworthy? Does it constantly strip away my own light and sanity? Does it bring unwavering tension that carries into other aspects of my life? Does it limit my potential in more ways than one? Is the environment one filled with distrust and uneasiness?

And honestly, it didn’t fit any of those things. So why in the world was I feeling like this sometimes?

Maybe it’s because I allowed my feelings of exhaustion, stress, physical lethargy, misalignment in my goals, and even hunger cloud my feelings for this position, when in reality, it’s me making the unconscious decision to allow small moments define huge opportunities.

Maybe it’s allowing the simple thought that I have much more control over how things can be defined and expressed throughout my life. How my reactions can be much more than a reflex but blueprints into how I push back and ultimately coincide with what’s around me.

It’s allowing awareness in moments and feelings and practicing balance between both so that I can see these things in front of me for what they truly are.

Pieces of opportunities.

Uncovered gems to be grateful for.

Little bits that are all coming together to create the biggest and most profound adventure. My life as I have yet to realize it will come to be.

It starts with us.

Digging, searching, reaching, reflecting, and finally shifting. The most beautiful doors are placed all around us. We shift our minds to allow them to open and remind us how different it felt not having them there or we sulk in the fact that they remain closed.

We decide how our life is manifested.