Only Some People Will Stay, Let Go Of Those Who Don’t


All relationships are built on unsaid promises. In life, we definitely will find someone who can gather our missing pieces. When? How? Where? Will they stay forever? There are so many unanswered questions. The only way to discover is to live, maybe take some risks.

Some people enter our life nonchalantly. Teach us most valuable lessons. Not all of them stay. We cross our paths and create memories to move on and cherish those moments. Few of them are not bound to stay forever. To accept this fact is very hard. We all do find safety and security in others.

Do you know why breakups hurt? We fail to win sense of safety. We feel worthless. We keep searching for flaws we own. Breakups hurt most when we are not the initiator. It hurts because we are not prepared. We feel powerless. That hurts deep opening up every wound healed. When we initiate a breakup, we are prepared. We have already run a marathon inside our head. We would have gone through all pros and cons. We are in control of the situation. That helps a lot.

Breakups are not just in love. It maybe with a friend, family or anyone. If we are attached to anyone emotionally, then it will hurt. That little string connecting us will be cut-off. And then we feel emptiness. A small fight can bring all the uneasiness back. So it is obvious how tough a breakup can be.

Even when we know how hurtful it can be. We take risks. We decide to lead life attached to people whom we love. There is a sense of joy. It’s not people leaving us always. We leave them too. When we go through a realization of our worthiness or when we can’t handle them anymore.

But life goes on. People come. People stay. People go. Then we need to move on. Just hold on to the lessons. Cherish some sweet memories. But never allow it to hold you back. Let nothing hold you back from living your life.