Ode To Bill O’Reilly In Portland


I see you Portland with your hipster food trucks and craft beer pubs
reeking of beard oil and vintage typewriter fonts on I-phones
huddling in a corner of tolerance
liberalism leaving the candle lit of illumination that never shines on the hate you harbor for anyone
anything ideological that disagrees with your tenth year in graduate school
soft hands that never knew the will
the American work ethic that allowed you to prance on your lumber
sexual street urban trail boots
carrying the upside down flag
fighting against a country that recently voted against everything you stand for
your collective pseudo intellect
that never fathomed the common sense of the electoral college
a protest in idiocy is your mantra
never fear dear my millennial snowflakes
your days of Vienna have yet to arrive
let us bathe in conservatism open the books of sage Mr. O’ Reilly
to preach a love you often call hate
no more Pelagius
the days of the goodness of man have danced away like Lamech with the dinosaur
usher in dear St. Augustine
the original sin you revel in dear Portlandia
but deny by first sun through your IKEA blinds
unleash the assault weapons of Evangelicalism on your church of failed humanity
much need of a Savior
a Scott Laudati to lay down the line at last
a simple profession of faith
accept your personal Jesus that you disdain
repent o’ sinner
repent o’ backslider
you heathen of Sodom
let’s make a world in God’s image
one to last through your tribulation
a community of lavender flowers
with no ambition
unless it reflects you in the mirror
an ode to Bill O’ Reilly dear Portland
a brave new world to the country my grandfather fought for on black Iwo Jima sands
death or liberty?
is this what they fought for?
it is exactly.