Now Is The Time To Put Yourself First


It’s time to put your needs, yourself, and your happiness first. Happiness can last a moment or a day, but true happiness can last a lifetime. It’s time that you start recognizing how much you give, what a beautiful person you are, and put yourself as number one.

Happiness should be a secure feeling, like you’re never going to lose it. You have so much love to give, and you always have. You have given all of yourself, not just material things but your heart, your kindness, your generosity, your passion, your affection, and your friendship. Please stop blaming yourself and finding fault with yourself as to why that relationship didn’t work. Will you finally see that you did everything you could? Now it’s time to focus on all the positive qualities that you have instead of trying to weed out the nonexistent negatives that you did not bring to the relationship. It’s time to shine, my friend; it’s time to open your heart to receive love.

I know you beat yourself up when the relationship failed. You became more insecure, more non-trusting, and more isolated, but it’s time to break out of that dead-end thinking. By the way, it’s almost never true anyway! The story you end up telling yourself is far worse than the breakup line they uttered to you. For God’s sake, stop comparing yourself to the current flame—it’s not worth it. News flash, they had the best in you, and YOU ARE ENOUGH! Hold your shoulders high, walk tall, and realize what a rare breed you are. Not everyone can handle the beauty that is you or the overall fantastic person you are.

How many people need to tell you that you are amazing before you believe it? Life is so very short, and so much time is wasted on self-loathing and hiding from the true authentic person you are. You are capable of so much, so stop hiding your love and your talents. Why must you punish yourself for a person that did not return the love you gave? Start taking your ego out of the game to understand that you deserve better. You deserve to shine in your own presence and walk with confidence as you live your life.

True happiness may not come in an “aha” moment but instead in a series of moments and life lessons that show you how to live in the moment. It’s time to appreciate who you are and what your needs and desires are. It’s time to take control and live in the now. Accept what is and go after what you truly deserve. It’s time to look at yourself as an important human being who naturally deserves love.

It’s time to get healthy and stop basing your worth on someone who walked away. Not everyone is meant for you, not everyone is on the same page in life as you, and sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time. I will tell you this: Wait for no one! Live your life unapologetically and with confidence, because that is sexy and strong. No one is more important than you in this equation. It’s time to be in love with you.