Now Is The Time To Nourish Yourself


Would you go to the gas station and fill up every car in line, but then leave with your tank still empty?

Would you spend every last penny you had feeding people, regardless of their level of need, and neglect to feed yourself?

Would you pour an expensive, rare wine into a glass that you know has a hole in the bottom of it?

Can you use a battery all day every day, then never charge it and still expect it to never weaken?

Can you run a marathon and never stop for water?

Or labor for days on end and never take a break for sleep and still expect to achieve stellar results?

Would you go to work for someone else but let them receive the pay and glory for your efforts while they sat around doing nothing?

Even on airplanes, in emergencies, you’re told to put your own mask on before attempting to aid others.

Could you manage to help someone get out of a burning car if you don’t get yourself out first?

So why, then, do you pour your love and affection into people who never give you love in return?

Why do you freely give your time to people who can’t be bothered to rearrange their life to make time for you?

Why do you keep yourself in relationships so toxic and one-sided that they harm you rather than nourish and replenish you?

Why do you sell yourself short and accept so much less than you give and deserve?

Why do you beat yourself up and bleed yourself dry yearning for and crying over people who’ll forget you in a singular moment and move on to the next shiny thing that crosses their path?

Life works best when there is give and take. When there is an ebb and flow. When there’s an even exchange.

You can’t continue to give if you never replenish the reserves. You can’t continually pour yourself out if you never demand to be refilled. You can’t grow and thrive if you never weed out the toxicity.

Isn’t it time to just be a little selfish and start to demand what you need and what you deserve?