Not Every Love Story Has A Happy Ending And That’s Okay


So many beautiful things are associated with love. Roses, hearts, laughter, memories, dinner dates, sex, the color red—so many awesome, beautiful things—but what about the ugly ones? Why do we glamorize such a beautiful picture and expect it not to hurt like hell when it isn’t as perfect as we thought it would be?

You see, love is dynamic. It thrives on growth. It thrives on action, reaction, and progression. It is present during every trying moment of insecurity, every argument, every negative emotion, and every bad day. Love is a feeling, a judgement, and a promise, but at the end of the day, love is simply just another decision to make. It is a choice to work through every challenge and never lose sight of what brought you together in the first place. It is a choice to remain transparent, listen, and communicate, even when those are the very last things you desire to do. It is a choice you will need to make every single day, and it isn’t always going to be easy. There won’t always be laughter, and there won’t always be sex. You won’t always come home to a beautiful bouquet of roses or go on fun dates or carry on long conversations about your feelings. There will be moments where things aren’t so picture perfect, but those are the moments that matter that most.

Those are the exact moments that will show you if you’re in the right place with the right person. They will teach you the lessons you need to learn, and they will teach you even more about yourself. If trials become repetitive and there is no healthy expression of love, the chances of happily ever after become very slim. Love should never feel one sided, and you should never feel undervalued for not being able to make it work. If you cannot progress together, it simply isn’t meant to be. Don’t exhaust yourself trying to teach someone else how to love you. Besides, the chances of you stumbling onto someone who will speak your love language through and through are a LOT higher when you’re single and thriving.

The ugly truth is, not every love story has a happy ending; however, you can always restart the writing process and make your own. Don’t forget that.