Not All Friendships Are Forever, But That’s Okay


Currently, I’m in college, but throughout my life, I’ve attended 10 different schools, in five different cities, in three different countries.

Naturally, in some places, I made more friends than in others, and I’ve sure met some of the most amazing people ever. However, while some of them are still in my life, a lot of them aren’t. 

What I’ve learned in time, is that it’s okay if some people leave. Also, there are a million reasons why a friendship can end. Whether it’s a long distance friendship, or you see each other every day, some people simply come in and out of our lives and that’s totally fine.

Here’s why…

People grow up – you grow up and so do they – and maybe the people you were when you became friends are not the ones you guys are today. Along with that, your interests and attitudes about life may change over time and it’s okay if suddenly the things you once had in common are not there anymore. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong, you’re just evolving as a person (you both are).

In the case of long-distance friendships, the separation can be heartbreaking but life goes on (I sure know about that). You meet new people and so do they. While some of your old friendships survive, if they suddenly fall apart, it doesn’t mean that either of you was wrong, it just means that maybe some people weren’t meant to be in your life forever.

One of the main points I’m trying to make is that you shouldn’t take it personally if a friendship falls apart; and don’t make assumptions about what’s going on other people’s heads (because you’re most likely wrong).

Also, the fact that you distanced yourself from somebody, doesn’t make it impossible for life to bring you back together in the future.

Finally, there ARE some friendships that DO last forever and these are the best of the best. So I invite you to appreciate the friends who love you right now, rather than focusing on the ones that are not there anymore for whatever reason. Instead, focus on the great memories you guys had together and how they added something special to your life, and maybe that was the purpose of their time in your life.

​I hope this helps you to change the perspective of “my friend left me” to “my friend helped me become who I am today, even if he/she isn’t my friend anymore”. Because in the end, you deserve to be happy and be surrounded by friends who love you.