Not A Maybe, Not An Almost


Don’t let yourself be defined by the almosts of life.

There is always going to be one more ‘what if’ and one more critical question you can ask yourself. If you let it overtake you, the sheer amount of almosts that you can possibly think of can quickly and dangerously outnumber your dreams and goals.

Just because the finish line is a little further and a little more difficult to reach, you should never compromise that for an ‘almost’. There’s something about ‘almost there’ and ‘almost done’ that is strangely unsettling and incomplete, like the feeling of being lost, of drifting further and further astray from the shore.

Some of the most difficult almosts lie in our struggles, the people we lost, and our shortcomings. The word ‘almost’ sits on the tip of your tongue like the lingering taste of uncertainty, yet one simple word can describe so much of our lives.

I almost got that job.”

She almost had one too many drinks, just to forget the pain.”

He almost made a decision that would’ve changed everything for the better, but in the end, he didn’t.”

They almost ended up together, but life inevitably tore them apart.”

‘Almost’ feels like inadequacy. Somewhere, even if it’s not your fault in the slightest, it’s still like you fell short when you gave it your all. Sometimes, almost is the best you can get, and you live the rest of your life wondering if it could’ve been more.

Going past ‘almost’ is the sweet taste of freedom, of something greater than the present, something sublime. Being stuck in the purgatory is far worse – it’s so close you can feel it, so far that it’s just beyond your reach.

When you least expect it, you’ll turn a corner and discover what has been meant for you to find all along. In a world of letdowns, disappointments, broken hearts, and lost people, you will evolve in greater ways you did not even know you were capable of.

One day, you will wake up and not be living another day cluttered with the endless almosts – you’ll be empowered with purpose. Instead of wiping away mascara-streaked tears from your face, this time you’ll look in the mirror with a luminous glow, with a sense of calm and confidence you get when the world feels just right.

You’ll say to yourself, “This is me. I am not a maybe, not an almost – I will stop letting my uncertainties be my limits, and I will take this world by storm.” And yes, you will.