No One Can Kill The Idea Of Peace


One could say that creating peace is a proccess, it’s about trial and error. It’s the way from pain to no pain.

A worker of peace can be killed, but no one can kill the idea of peace.

It may seem as if the workers of peace in the world are only treading water and that they are still so far from reaching the goal of peace on earth.

Syria, Libya, IS, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Boko Haram, Criminal violence in Mexico – the list can be made longer.

It’s probably true, we are quite far away from reaching peace on earth because there are other forces who is also very strong right now. These forces can be seen on different levels. First we have the macrolevel and what happens within certain regions politically, economically and between religions and other beliefs. The economic system; a capitalism and a market economy that has completely got out of hands. The consequence of that shows itself in all the other levels. We see it in our environment, who is certainly not feeling good, and we see it among the animals that is being tortured for their skin, fur, meat, and bones.

We see it among the humans in form of stress, depression, deceases etc. We see it in the microlevel, how we treat our bodies, food without nutrition, smoking, drinking, no exercise etc.  We have indeed build a world that is slowly killing us! But, luckily most of us is slowly getting quite fed up with this situation, which right now is leading us toward a brighter future, towards peace in our minds, in our bodies and on our earth.

We see how innovative thinkers within all fields are working towards sustainability, and we also see more people taking care of their health. They care what they eat and drink, they care what they consume, they care what they say to other people. They try to stay optimistic and believe in peace.

The workers of peace work on different levels, in our everyday life, within the field of education, healthcare, philosophy, and science.  These people teach us something new.

They understand a lot about a lot. They can feel with you and aren’t afraid of talking about dark aspects of life and pain. The most important thing that the most peace prone people understand is that no one rarely does something just to hurt another person. It is often mistakes made based on the knowledge the person who did the mistakes had at that moment. That is also why their ideas about how to achieve peace has nothing to do with revenge, punishments, violence or killing.

The workers of peace see the world in a simple way, almost child-like.

They don’t need much, they want to feel free, have fun and share their love with everyone they meet. They often have a job that involve helping people, animals, or nature in some way. But sometimes you find them in the most unexpected places, maybe because that is a place where they are most needed at that moment.

I think all humans have a bit of peace worker on the inside, and the idea of peace grows in different ways but with the same goal.

What do you do to create peace in your life and for others? I bet that you do a lot more than you think, simply by just being you. Lying on the couch can be an action to create peace in the middle of the chaotic Christmas shopping time. What you do on the micro level counts as much as in the macro level.

No one can kill the idea of peace, it’s impossible. Ideas exists in the shape of text and memory, and in the form of others being inspired by other human ideas of peace. New peace workers come and new ideas about how to create peace arise. Therefore, the idea of peace can never be killed. This means that there will be peace on earth one day, and that feels quite good to think about!