No Matter What You Do, Please Be Kind To Yourself


Please, be kind to yourself. This life is way too short for you to spend the majority of your time putting yourself down.

You are going to make mistakes. You are going to hurt people in this world, and you’re not going to be able to please everyone. You’re going to fuck up terribly, there’s no way that you won’t. You are imperfect. You have flaws, and you are going to make choices that you will regret. But you know what? You are not the only one. You are not alone.

It doesn’t matter how terrible you made someone feel, or how badly you broke someone’s heart. You have to take that regret and turn it into positivity. You can’t let it rot you to the core. You have to take those mistakes and take those imperfections, and let yourself learn and grown.

You have to let yourself truly live.

You can’t let every choice you make drag you down into self hate. You can’t let every mistake you have made turn your insides into guilt and hostility. You have to turn that self-loathing into self-care. You have to turn your guilt into growth and rehabilitation.

Please, don’t let your mistakes define you.

Be gentle with yourself. Be kind and sweet, as if you, yourself are your very own lover. Let yourself heal and let yourself bathe in self gratitude.

You are a human being. Not an alien. Not a greek god. Not made up of steel or unbreakable materials. You have bones that break. You have a heart that can break. You have lungs that can grow weak. You have cells that can die.

But your bones can heal. Your heart can be reborn. Your lungs can grow stronger. Your cells can be renewed. And just like your body parts can heal, so can you. With time. With patience. And with compassion.

So above all that you do in this world, be kind to yourself and to your heart. Close your eyes when the world gets to be too much. Shield your heart from the tragedies of the earth. Provide your body with the nourishment that it needs to thrive and to grow.

Don’t give other people the ability to knock you down. Don’t let other people decide to tell you that you aren’t good enough and that you aren’t worthy of a magical life. Don’t give power to other people who don’t want what is best for you.

Surround yourself with other human beings that adore you and lift you up, and make your heart shine brighter than a thousand suns. Let yourself learn from people who are wise beyond their years and soak up all of their knowledge.

Let your laugh lines become etched forever onto your skin. Let your feet run wild and become free from what society tells you to do. Be your own person, let people love you when they show you their heart.

Kiss the lips of those you trust and of those you desire. Hold the hands of people who make you smile from the top to the bottom of your body. Hug the bodies of those who see your beauty when you are most vulnerable. Love the hearts of those who give you all of them, without any fear.

And show people your own naked heart, and relish in the love they give you in return.

Surround yourself with as much love as you can. Give your heart the best life it can have. Give your soul the kindest and warmest hugs day in and day out. And show yourself undying love, that will live on until your very last breath.