Nice Guys Really Do Finish Last


This line has haunted me ever since I could remember. Girls go through hell and back for guys that don’t seem to deserve them. They choose a person that doesn’t give the love they ought to have and complain about it. But from the start, it was always their choice. They could say no and wait for someone better, but they don’t. They don’t see the nice guys. The nice guys that were always there for them. Nice guys that have seen the bad and stayed. Nice guys that never left even when girls have pushed them away. Nice guys that worry about you for no reason. Nice guys that do things unconditionally.

I’ve had friends that called me a guy straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book. But I don’t feel it. I’ve never had that happy ending those books always have. I’m a nice guy. I treat women like they should be treated. I thought of knowing them as a privilege and not a right. I’ve always thought that love was work. Work that doesn’t feel like work when it’s for the right person. Love can’t always be fairytales and rainbows; it’s working things out and making things work. Getting the girl will only be just the start and keeping the girl is the real challenge.

There’s this 100% rule that I believe in. That love should be 100% every day. A couple in a relationship would make up the 100%. You’d think it would be 50-50, right? Well, it’s not. At least, not every single time. There will be days when one is giving less so the other has to give more to complete the 100%. The nice guy will make sure that no day will be less than a 100.

I wish girls could see the nice guy and choose him. The genuinely nice guy. He’ll earn your love every single day. He won’t be the guy of your dreams but he’ll be better. He’ll be real. He won’t be perfect. But for the most part, he’ll feel like he is. He’s the guy that would wait for hours and won’t complain. The guy that would fight for you even from himself. The guy that would be proud to call you his and be proud to be yours. He’s the guy that won’t be annoyed even when you get clingy. The nice guy that will treat them right. The nice guy that they deserve. Now, would you choose the nice guy?