Never Tell A Passionate Person To ‘Calm Down’


Over the past few years on this planet, I’ve come to realize that one of my trigger words is “relax” (or, in other words, “chill”). Passionate and expressive people who want to fill silences with thoughts to share are definitely my favorite kind of people. But there’s one thing you should never say to them, and that is to “calm down.”

Here’s why.

With our detailed overanalysis of most things happening around us, and with our creative and imaginative storytelling characteristics, we usually have the most to say about the simplest of things – and this may be understood wrongly as getting “agitated” or “paranoid” with minor things. That is an absolutely flawed and incorrect assumption.

We are innately born with the need to be passionate about whatever we care about, or whatever matters to us. Sometimes we feel that there are never enough words to describe a feeling, so we continuously try to find different ways to express the sparks and fire burning in our hearts over something that might not be as significant to another person.

But never tell a passionate person to relax.

The main reason why people even say “chill” or “calm down” is because someone’s too stressed and panicky over something. When you say that to a passionate person, chances are you’re just going to make him or her annoyed because this isn’t them being “panicky” or “stressed,” this is just them in their natural state – this is them as expressionists born with the desire to color everything around them with vibrancy.

Accept them for who they are, and learn that they say and do things wholeheartedly, full of thought and passion.

Be thankful that people like this still exist, because it’s getting harder and harder for me to find such a kind.

Always listen to everything they have to say because they’ve intertwined deep meanings into their words, and never take their pet peeves lightly.

Remember that just because you don’t feel the same way about something, doesn’t mean another person can’t. If everyone were to see the world in the same light, we’d all be carbon copies and duplicates of one another. There wouldn’t be any diversity or thrill – everything would be the same.

Passionate people fill their own world with millions of colors, and there’s always a reason behind why they care about certain things too deeply. Instead of pushing them down and telling them to “relax,” encourage them to talk more about it because this is will show that you understand their nature, or that you want to. Sooner or later, you’ll start to notice the immense beauty in everything around you and how there’s always more to something than it seems.

To all my fellow humans who have been referred to as “too much” for simply expressing what you strongly believe in: never let anyone dull your spark. You do you, and never calm down about anything that matters to you. Go crazy, and love it fully. I am with you, we’re all with you.