Never Stop Leading With That Big Heart Of Yours


We live in a world where good people get taken advantage of every single day. People curse their big hearts and wish to become numb. Truth is, having a big heart is the most breathtaking quality in the world. There’s a quote that says, “There are two kinds of people. The kind that gets rid of their feelings. And the kind that keeps them. If you’re going to keep your feelings, you’re going to get sick from time to time. That’s just how it works.”

Yeah, having a big heart is going to make somedays feel like the world is ending, there’s no way around that, but it’s big hearts like yours that make other people’s days feel like life cannot get any better. So, let your feelings make you sick. Hell, let them destroy you because one day you’ll look back and realize those were the moments worth living for.

Make every memory you can with the people you love even if you know you’re on borrowed time. Yes, it will hurt when the people you love leave, but you can say that you were there and that you loved them with all you had. Heartbreaking memories are better than no memories at all. Feeling heartbreak means you had something special, it means you had something worth losing. God gave you your big heart for a reason, don’t run away from someone just because you’re scared you’re going to get hurt. I don’t care what people say, sometimes other people are more important than your own. Don’t be selfish, be there for the people you love when they need you the most, even if it kills you inside.

Don’t let people make you believe that your big heart is a weakness, and for damn sure don’t let this world harden your heart. Yes, it’s people with the biggest hearts that hurt the most, but it’s also those people that get to feel the greatest joys in life too. Having a big heart will never make you less of a person. To have been able to love something or someone with that much intensity is the most beautiful, courageous thing in the world.

So, I dare you to wear your heart on your sleeve, scream your undying love from the rooftops, stay when you are scared, hold on tighter when you every part of your brain is telling you to let go because I promise you that you’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t. We only have a set amount of time on this earth and no matter how great of a person you are, sometimes there is no next time, no second chances. Life has a funny way of breaking your heart more than you ever could. Please don’t think you have forever and take your gift for granted.

One day you’ll come to realize what a blessing having a big heart was, but for now have faith that every ounce of pain you feel will somehow make your story perfect. I promise that every time you get sick form your feelings, you’ll heal, you’ll pick yourself up and move on to changing another life. This life is worth it, but only if you do it right.

So, keep your feelings, get sick, but don’t you even think for a second that this life would be easier if you became heartless.

Be generous, always.