Never Look Back


We knew each other a long time ago

Just two kids, young and carefree

We had a connection, even now, it’s still there

Two opposites but drawn together like magnets

You and me, unexpected

You talk to me like you could tell me all your secrets

I’d keep them locked away, like a safe

You look at me and everything fades away

You feel it to but you hesitate

So you keep me at a close distance

Never to touch but always close enough to break

You don’t ever give us the chance to make mistakes

You walk away, taking the best parts of me with you

Now, we’re older and forever changed

But the memories will always stay the same

Those two kids, what did they know about love?

They didn’t realize what they had was enough

But we tell ourselves to keep moving forward

I’ll never admit what you meant to me

You’ll never admit the things I made you feel

It’s just easier if we never look back

Time won’t wait for us, it keeps moving on

And I still haven’t figured out how to let you go

But you’re already in the distance, already gone

You keep a photo of me tucked away

You look at it every once in a while

Remind yourself it was real

You even listen to our favorite song

The one about “being right here all along:

You remember the story of us

Familiar, but now turning to dust

You think about that day we sat on opposite sides

All you wanted to do was move closer

But you got scared and left me with a hole inside

It was easier to leave

It was easier to start again

It was easier to believe that we were fools

I can’t think of a time where you didn’t cross my mind

Where I wasn’t reminded of those deep blue eyes

I’d like to say that you don’t mean anything to me

I’d like to say that I feel absolutely nothing

I try my best to push you out

But you call me after some time and I’m pulled in

I go right back to the girl I used to be

But the time’s not right again, I can feel you leaving

You’ll walk away

And I do the one thing I wish I wouldn’t do

I always look back for you

I type a message out and delete it a hundred times

I wonder if you ever want to hear from me

It’s been such a long time, how have you been?

I remember the days when we would talk all night and all day

My heart would rush just seeing your name on my phone

We get along so well, but that’s where it all ends

We can never be more than, we always go back to strangers

But I heard you’re happy now, finally found the one

I heard she’s beautiful, inside and out

I wish you all the best, I really do

Sometimes for a moment, I think about how it would be

Just me and you

But we’ll never be that

And it’s sad to say, but

We’ll never look back