Never Be The Person Who Lets Things Go Unsaid


I want you to know.

Too often when someone we love, or even someone we just know, passes away, so many things go left unsaid to that person.

When someone passes, it’s traumatic. It’s confusing. It’s devestating. But, it brings our minds to that person and how much we cared about them or how much of an impact they had on our lives. It’s always so beautiful to read the heartfelt Facebook statuses or hear the meaningful conversations people have about that person and how much they meant to us or how much we admired them.

But, we wait until it’s too late. I see people saying things like “he changed my life” or “she probably doesn’t remember me but she helped me get through high school” and it’s touching and beautiful. We wait, however, until it’s too late to tell that person how they made us feel, what we thought about them, or how they impacted our lives. We say these things and of course they have meaning but how much more beautiful would it be if that person knew how much people cared? Did they know? Maybe they did, but we can make sure of it if we tell them how we feel now, while we can.

Too often we focus too much on ourselves to actually take the time and think about what others mean to us. So, think about it.

I’m sure there is someone out there right now that did something to make you feel better when you were feeling down, someone you want to know that you admire them, someone you think is beautiful. Whatever it is, say it now, before it’s too late. You honestly never know how long someone is going to be here and you should take every opportunity to lift people up and make them feel loved.

Make and impact on someone’s life by telling them how great you think they are so you don’t have to think later, “I wish she would have known how loved she was.” Call them now, even send a Facebook message if you might not be close friends.

Start by telling them, “I want you to know….” and let them know that you think they’re a fantastic mother, make them aware that they helped you get through a tough time, tell them how genuinely kind hearted you think they are and how much that inspires you, whatever you think, say it while you can.