Never Apologize For Loving ‘Too Much’


Stop apologizing for being the one who loves “too much.”

Do not apologize for having a big heart and wanting to love those around you all the time.

If you have ever been accused of loving “too much,” then you understand what it is like to be willing to take all of the weight off of someone else’s shoulders and put it onto your own. You understand what it is like to invite someone into your life and are willing to give up your oxygen just so they are able to breathe. You understand sacrifice and you understand what it is like to love someone with everything that you have.

Being generous, kind, and compassionate are not characteristics that you should be ashamed of, but they are characteristics that you need to protect.

People may tell you that you that you are the “clingy type” or “get attached too easily,” I urge you not to take what they say to heart but to embrace who you are.

In a world like the one we live in, people will take advantage of the heart that you have. They will surround themselves with you for their own benefit and they will drain you until you have nothing left to give.

Beware of the ones who are constantly asking for your love but never giving any back to you. Beware of the people that only text you when they need something or that only associate with you when it is convenient for them.

Beware but never apologize.

It’s important to remember that not everyone has the same heart that you do.

Regardless of what people say, continue to love those around you with everything that you have. Stop fearing that someone will never care for you quite as much as you care for them. Stop doubting your worth just because certain people around you refuse to see it. Stop apologizing for being the person that you are.

Loving “too much” is one of the most beautiful ways that you can love a person, and I urge you never to lose sight of that, even when those around you are asking you to apologize.