My Wife’s Friend Is Actively Trying To Get Her To Cheat On Me With A Mutual Acquaintance. What Should I Do?


A husband on Reddit going by the throwaway username u/throwawayuser4356 is looking for answers online.

Apparently his wife told him that her friend’s acquaintance found her attractive. And that friend said she’d be willing to let them use her house to cheat on the husband. His wife was completely upfront about the situation and tried to reassure him that this was all said in a joking manner. But was it? It appears that the wife’s friend is egging her on to cheat on him. Check out the story below:

A good friend of my wife’s recently told her that a mutual acquaintance found my wife very attractive. She said he can’t stop talking about her. My wife laughed it off and told me right away. I had a bad vibe from him when I’ve met him before. He was confrontational with me before I knew about this so it doesn’t surprise me.

What does surprise me is my wife’s friend. I wouldn’t say she was my friend too, but we know each other well, speak all the time and have spent plenty of time socializing together. After she told my wife about this and we talked it over, I thought we were good. My wife apparently joked with her friend about it, saying how they should meet. I knew all about it and it was a complete joke.

So today my wife’s friend told my wife, in all seriousness, that she can use her house during the day to meet this guy. My wife came home and told me tonight, after a night out with her friend and some others from work, that her friend is encouraging all this. She had also texted her earlier this week and had hinted about it.

Leaving beer, liquor and pot for them to use if they stay over at her place while she’s out of town for a break with her kids and husband. Told her she can have the run of the place and that this man will be there as well, they can do what they want. Even if they don’t use it during the break they can come over in the afternoon or evening and she will look the other way while they’re there.

I don’t know for sure what her friend is even thinking by offering this time at her house to my wife. My wife without a doubt was joking and has kept me aware of all this. I don’t understand how her friend can encourage this though. She has no reason to have a problem with me and if anything I’ve been good to her and to her family.

My wife says she is surprised that her friend took her seriously and is supportive of her cheating. She is also saying that I shouldn’t take it too seriously, but I don’t know how to not take this seriously right now. I also don’t know how to face these people again.

My wife will not ditch her friend and I don’t want her to. I don’t even know if she was that serious, it seems like just some scandal to her or something to talk about. What bothers me is the offer being made at all, like I don’t exist. My wife said she didn’t even seem phased by it or mention me at all. Just that my wife and he should get together and do what she thought my wife would be willing to do. I know this guy is good friends with her husband but this is way beyond anything I would have expected. They go on about him being a single father but why try to set him up with someone else’s wife?

Do I ignore this and act like it didn’t happen? Do I say something?

The best move would be to cut off all ties with this “friend,” but what do you guys think?

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