My Love, A Series Of Natural Disasters


My love
You were a hurricane
The only one who could sweep me off my feet
Moments with you, I would not feel the ground
Suddenly, I could fly

But my love
you left without a word
There was no why, no how
Just silence, to mark the end

Much like waves, a tsunami of sorts
you followed the forces of the sun & moon
the wind;
Crashed furiously against the shore one moment
then receded with no warning
Returning that tranquility
I could no longer bear

Thereafter was a series of earthquakes
That shattered my entire being
Which left me to wander if a soul this broken
Could still have anything else to lose
While half disillusioned & borderline delusional
My thoughts wandered to search for traces of you
Far & wide, deep & thorough
Only to fall into craters, time & over
Each time charring my heart a little bit more
Now we’re left with ashes

My love
you left without a word
But there was no why, no how, you said
Just how nature panned out.