My Darling, Talk To Me


I want to talk to you.
At 1am, 2am, or even at 3am,

If you are up and worried about something, if you are having a sleepless night, if you are nervous about something or if you are scared to fall asleep after watching a horror movie.

I want to talk to you, even if we have nothing to talk about.
I want to talk to you, about everything under the sun.
I want to talk to you, about the things we don’t talk about face to face.

Things we usually don’t mention at 8 in the morning, or at every breakfast, lunch or dinner that we will have together.

Talk to me, past midnight where our souls are vulnerable and our thoughts are slowly dying to shut our minds off.

Talk to me, past midnight if you are tired and overthinking, because that is what our minds does to us when the dark fills the night and the moon shines dimly over the dull sky.

Talk to me, because I am ready to listen to every rant, every worry, every curiosity, every doubt, every concern you have in that mind of yours.

We can talk about anything and everything. I don’t mind. We can talk about your dogs, what you ate this afternoon, what you found funny in math class today, or even something that happened a month back and it just made you laugh.

At any time, any day. I am ready to listen to you because I care. I care about you, and the silly little things that you want to share to me.

All you have to do is talk to me.