My Body Is No Longer The Enemy


My body is no longer defined by how the outside world observes it. My body is no longer my prison. My body is no longer the enemy.

No more will I look in the mirror and wish that my body looked different.

No more will I squeeze parts of my body and wince in disgust.

No more will I look at people with envy in my eyes, wishing that I looked like them.

No more will I place my worthiness to be loved and cared for on the way my body looks.

From now on, when I look at my body in the mirror, I will interrupt negative thoughts with soliloquies of self-love. I will take my time in front of the mirror and own every fold, stretch mark, pimple, and area of discoloration.

I will fill myself with reminders that my body fights to keep me alive, even when I do not want to. I will remember that every day, my body undergoes complex immunological processes to defend itself from foreign invaders. I will remind myself that my body fights for me every single damn day.

From now on, I’m taking care of my body. I’m drinking enough water, I’m flossing my teeth every day, I’m getting enough sleep, and I’m taking time to moisturize and appreciate my whole body just the way it is.

From now on, I’m not subjecting my body to restrictive diets that starve it of vital nutrients. Instead, I’m being mindful of the food I eat. I’m taking time to prepare meals full of nutrients while also making sure to leave room for dessert.

From now on, I’m not paying attention to the number on a scale. Instead, I’m paying attention to the human being looking back at me in the mirror.

I’m no longer putting my body through emotional and physical turmoil. I’m walking away from emotionally taxing situations and defending myself. I’m acknowledging the harm that these situations inflict on my body and getting immediate help.

From now on, I’m asking my body what it needs, and I’m going to reply accordingly. If my body tells me that it needs more sleep even though it should study for another hour, I’m going to sleep.

From now on, I’m prioritizing waking up slowly to appreciate the crisp morning air.

I’m extending an olive branch with every intention to heal my body from the harm it’s been through.

From now on, my body is no longer the enemy.

From now on, my body is my friend.