Men, You Don’t Like Sluts? You Only Have Yourselves To Blame.


There are a handful of popular topics that are written about on Thought Catalog, and slutty women is definitely a favorite. It seems we can never go more than a day or two without hearing about how “disgusting” and “worthless” promiscuous women are. They cannot tell us enough that our actions will have inevitable consequences, and how they will be there to laugh in our faces. In all the articles and in all the comments I have read here on Thought Catalog, I figured someone would have offered another side to the issue by now. I guess it has to be me.

I raised to be a good girl. I studied hard in school, made good friends, dressed appropriately, minded my manners and parents’ advice, never rebelled or got in any trouble. I became interested in guys as any young girl does in her teenage years, but I didn’t sweat it that guys weren’t coming on to me. I wanted to save myself for someone special. I chalked it up to the fact that it would only take time for them to notice me, so I waited patiently. By the age of 17, I decided it was time for me to be a little more assertive. I thought I would be considered a decent catch. I was smart, cute, talented, easy going with a pleasant disposition, and I learned how to cook well because everyone told me that was the way to a man’s heart. I decided it was best to flirt playfully with only the guys I liked and then if they didn’t make a move, I would ask them out instead.

This was a pretty disappointing time for me. I had spent years doing everything they say to do in order to get a good guy. Time after time after time, I was rejected. I was assured that although I was attractive and “an awesome chick,” that they weren’t ready for anything serious. These guys, who were similar always similar to me with their values, began paying all their attention to women who were easy. Women who were failing out of school. Women who were foul mouthed, attitudinal, loud, and completely bitchy. Women who were from broken homes and had trouble with the law, drinking, and drugs. Women who already had kids before age 20. These men, who I adored, were dating these women who most would consider slutty and low lives. Not only were they dating them, they willingly started marrying them. I didn’t understand what was going on. Why was it that I was invisible and these other women with absolutely nothing to offer and nothing good going for them were the ones getting so lucky?

Now 10 years later, a few of the men who once rejected me have made contact with me. They confessed that they always liked me but they just wanted to spend their 20s living it up and playing the field. They are now telling me how much they regret letting me get away. At this point, all I can do is laugh. Some of these men, who were once such great guys, have given their best years to “sluts.” They have married, divorced, and had kids with them. And they dare try to come back around to me? It will be a cold day in Hell.

So men, you want to complain about how “modern Western Women” are worthless and slutty, but think about how they got that way. Our parents raised us to save ourselves, and we did the best we could. Do you honestly think that only nice guys finish last? No, you made sure to pass up every good woman in your path to trying to get laid by the easiest woman in town. Well, now you are the ones suffering YOUR consequences. Have fun!