Men, Stop Doing The Relationship Tease


Sometimes, I wish they would prove me wrong. But, once again, my intuition is on point. Empty flowery bullshit flowing into my ears. Do they think that’s what I want to hear? In this age of dating, the casual dating and hook-up environment is flourishing to become common. But, what is becoming more common is the need men feel to feed us with romantic lies causing us to expect that a night is anything but casual. They fill us with hopes because they think that is a necessary foreplay. You’re stunning and I see something here that’s different…so our “game face mode” transforms into an illusionary fantasy. We begin to think that they have feelings and see us in a light than urges them give it their all.

This phenomenon actually exists and goes by the name of the “relationship tease.” They do things that suggest they desire further commitment but in reality that’s not what they want. I have yet to determine if it is because they are just “too nice” of guys or just plain oblivious. Girls, you may have encountered this before. The guy that you were just intending on having fun with or just experiencing moments for what they are get elevated to a pedestal that they create. They call you, make you soup when you are sick, call you beautiful or breathtaking…causing your heart to flutter. Maybe, you should give him a chance right?! Wrong. Why lead us on? We can take the idea of you not being crazy for us. We are in it for the same reasons as you.

What is this “in-between” stage? Can we draw a line? Here’s a bit from us women to you men. If we are capable of demanding equal pay for our professional qualifications in the workplace, then we are perfectly capable in engaging in something casual just for the hell of it. No need to sugar coat our egoes…it only makes it worse. We begin to have unrealistic expectations purely based on the image you painted for us. Yes, you do not have to pretend that you care beyond the time we spend together. You do not need to do sweet things a significant other would do and do not feel obliged. You do not have to ask how my day was and check in. You do not have to make me feel extra special compared to the woman around me. We are confident and trust in ourselves to make decisions that are the best for us. Let it go, let’s just have fun. Let’s keep it casual.