Maybe One Day


You were just passing through. Just a fleeting moment in my life. I thought I’d be sad the moment I realized that I may never see you again. But it was just bittersweet. We knew each other for a short time and I knew that time would come to an end.

At first I didn’t really let myself hope, but when you kept calling and telling me you missed me and you wished you could see me again; I could feel a spark of something coming to life.

But the days grew longer and our phone calls grew shorter. And as our topics of conversation were running thin, I knew it would only be a matter of time.

I knew you weren’t going to reply to that text message. And I knew as I dialled your number that you wouldn’t answer your phone.

I didn’t cry. I’m proud of myself for that. I think it made me realize that I’d known all along how this would end, without a word.

I’m not mad. Or upset, really. We had a beautiful night together. And all the other nights after, being able to hear your voice was nice. I want to thank you for calling me the night before my birthday, just so you could be the first to tell me happy birthday. We talked for two hours that night. And I got to know so much about you in that short period of time.

And honestly, I think I’m glad about how things ended. I can continue to follow my dreams without having to worry about leaving. No strings attached. I will be able to find another you in another city and have many more beautiful nights.

And maybe one day you’ll pick up your phone again to call me just to know how I am and I will be able to honestly tell you that I’m doing wonderfully.