Maybe It’s Time


It’s early in the morning, I’m squinting and scrambling to turn off the “Radiate” ringtone that I once thought would inspire me to leap into action… but this is not the case as I’m fumbling to turn it off and go for the old trick of “snooze” on my old iPhone to the new “Emergency SOS” system that now activates when you press the side button 5 times.

Good times, eh? Totally, it’s the struggle we all have in our overcommitted lifestyles.

This shuffle happens every day. Whether it’s an alarm in the morning or the alarm that happens at 11:11 a.m. to remind myself to breathe or at 2 p.m. to deliver the 5-minute meeting reminder of the “meeting” with myself to meditate with the mantra “Head up, heart open.” Then I get to live till the next day I open two of my favorite gifts; my eyes. Just so I can live it all over again.

Time is a very delicate gift we can give to ourselves and others or a dangerous one depending upon whom you give access to. Think back in life and notice where you lost time you can never get back. The desire to get that time back is indescribable. Since we can’t go back in time, we have to live in this day.

Be focused and selfish. Otherwise, this cycle of waking up, getting alarmed by alarms, and breathing, becomes a crash course you relive every single day.

What is one thing you can do to honor your time on earth? Do it… do it with abandon. You and your daily reminders to live deserve it, just try not to be alarmed when you get them. Instead, let them inspire you to leap into action or rest in one place just long enough to breathe.