Maybe I Just Need To Visit Me


I have had a long relationship with Maybe
Maybe I should go there
Maybe I should do this
Maybe I shouldn’t have done that
A phone full of screenshots of places that maybe I want to go
Bookcases full of cabins that would maybe make me happier
Maybe I am always running away
Or Maybe I am looking outside too much
At every inch of beauty that this Earth has to offer
Maybe there’s some beauty in me
Maybe if I look inside more
I won’t have to say maybe so much
Maybe If I go to bed thinking of the things that I love
That love me back
Rather than the mistakes that have been made
Maybe that will be an escape in itself
Maybe all of the answers are inside of me
Maybe that’s a cliche
Maybe cliches are cliches for a reason
Maybe the next trip that I need to book
Is the one that flies down my esophagus
Directly into the pit of me
Maybe inside of me there is that dream cabin
Maybe I am somewhere that I should visit
Maybe If I take a wild swim
Through the vena cava and into my heart
It would make me feel as alive as a dip in the ocean
Maybe when I close my eyes and sway
To a song that I am madly in love with
Maybe I can already see the Northern Lights
Maybe my heart was never really broken
Maybe it was just trying to get my attention
To reach out to me so I could give it the love
That is truly deserves
Maybe I am somewhere that I should visit
And maybe I can take my wounds with me
We can heal
Maybe when I discover what is inside of me
Every place that I ever wanted to see
Will look a million times more beautiful
Maybe I just need to visit me first