Maybe Falling In Love Is A Momentary Lapse Of Judgement, But Maybe That’s Truly Beautiful


Why do people fall in love?

I mean the chances of reciprocation is infinitesimal, and even if things pan out the possibilities of any long term potential are also miniscule.

So why then do we fall in love in spite of that? Why do we crave the possibility that someone may also feel the same butterflies in the stomach that we are feeling?

I recently fell for someone, someone not really very right for me. We differed on a variety of issues including our values and yet we still somehow carried on communicating. It was almost an unspoken covenant that we had between us, to carry on trying to make the so-called “relationship” work. I think both of us knew that the relationship was like an albatross around our necks and yet we continued.

In my opinion, love is this lack of logic. It is this “momentary lapse of reason” that makes us continually fall in love and make unflinching attempts at the possibility of reciprocation.

And this I think is how it should be. Love is not about being fettered and shackled and like an equation mathematically adding up. It should be about loving without restraint and just seeing where our hearts take us.

There should be no logic to this madness! We don’t choose who we fall in love with, and I passionately think that loving someone for their flaws and not their qualities is the purest form of love. Its that love which sets itself apart from the ordinary and the mundane.

I am a Scorpio and am pretty emotional and passionate about most things in life. There are several things in life which are trivial and run of the mill. Love, at least I think, is something which should not be one of them.

When I fell in love with the girl I mentioned above, I didn’t overthink. I just followed my unbridled emotions and let them loose and just saw how things went. She told me she loved me too, and that singular moment of reciprocation was the most awesome feeling in the world. It was almost as if Venus had descended from the heavens herself, and bestowed me with this gift.

So the “aim” of falling in love is precisely that. There is no aim! The whole act of falling head over heels should be such that it is totally spontaneous. There is no logic to it.

What happens subsequently is of course totally in the hands of fate. But in the crescendo of the emotion, the best feeling is this “momentary lapse of judgement.” The total absence of any coherence between the mind, the body and the heart. This I think sets the idea of love separate from other more every day phenomenon.

So I’ve always believed that love holds no barriers; we must love and love freely.