Loving You Is My Favorite Adventure


You’ve always known that I’ve wanted to live a life of adventure. I want to swim with sea turtles, and see the sunset from all corners of the world. I want to take in the fresh air and try food I can’t even pronounce. I want to be able to tell my stories of traveling to anyone and everyone who’s willing to listen. Swim in the salty water, lie in the summer sun and feel the kiss of snowflakes on my cheeks.

I want adrenaline pumping through my veins as I zip-line hundreds of feet above the ground, feel my stomach drop when I free fall down on a roller coaster. Taste the sweetness of wild fruit and stumble through the front door because I’ve had one to many to drink and danced the night away. I want a full life, one that is exciting, promising, and satisfying.

I want to kiss you all over your face until you’re grinning from ear to ear because you think I’m a goofball. Fall asleep every night to the same movie that we’ve seen a thousand times. Get the biggest bag of popcorn when we go to see a movie, and laugh every time because there’s no way we’re going to finish it. Stumble across new happy hour spots and stuff our faces with delicious food and strong cocktails. I want to learn how to play all those card games and watch you get frustrated with me for explaining the rules over and over. Go to baseball games and eat pickle flavored sunflower seeds.

I want to leap into our future with arms wide open, no worries or cares in the world. I want to feel your body touch mine every night when we fall asleep, and then wake up to you patiently waiting by my side, greeting me with a good morning kiss. I want to see you at your worst so I can comfort you, and then turn around to be there at your best so I can stand by your side. I want to support you in all your decisions and help you make the ones you can’t decide on. I’ll always be proud to have you as mine.

Thank you for showing me that love is the greatest adventure you could ever embark on. There’s no better way to have a fulfilled life than to have such a beautifully, wonderful person by my side.