Loving Someone With Depression


Loving a person with depression, or anxiety, is one of the hardest things in life (next to getting your first degree). You have to be prepared in a roller-coaster ride of emotions, THEIR roller-coaster ride of emotions; the ups and downs, the sudden fights with no reasons, the sweetness and the bitterness, and the monster they’re fighting with.

You’re stuck between the choices of do something and don’t do something because one choice might worsen their negative thoughts.

Your mind will play its own tricks in you. YOUR own negative thoughts in you, to be specific. Things like:

Is it just an excuse to get rid of you?

Do they have somebody else that makes them happy? Happier than you could do to them?

Are they tired of you?

Were you just a stop-over and now they want to go?

Are you not good enough?

Do they really love you?

Should you contact them or should you not?

Do they really need you?

And a lot more questions in your head. You don’t know, and you’re not sure. You’re stuck between holding on and letting go. Of course because you love them, and you will always be there for them. What more excuses could you give yourself?

Is it really the love that makes you stay? The pain of knowing that your heart is aching. Whatever unknown reasons you have, the choice is still yours: whether to let go or to keep holding on.

But you can do it. The right person is worth it, no matter what they’re dealing with.

You will eventually get stronger because of them, FOR THEM. You will learn to give unconditional love, and once that person trusts you with their story, with all their thoughts and emotions, that trust becomes so precious. It is their way of showing love and appreciation. Because loving a person with depression can often hurt, but means the world to them. And to you.

If you love someone with depression, love them. And love them all the way.