Love Will Never Be Like The Movies, But It Will Be Real


A perfect love is not about passion or fireworks.

Not even like the passionate scenes of a 50 Shades movie. It is not. Some see that a perfect love is like a tidal wave that would crash over you. Washing you over with love, excitement, and wonderful lights is not a perfect love. What you want is the show and not reality. The glitz and glamour of it all is like a movie that you could show to your friends and get praises for it all. But behind the scenes is the struggle and the pain you had to go through which you will never show to the world.

I was idealistic, I was young and we were both in love. Staying up late at night and drinking and even watching the sunrise. It does sound cheesy but that’s what we did. It lasted for some time but after that, we got comfortable, complacent, and became like boring old couples, yes, just like your parents. The spark is still there but not as bright, just a steady flame in the wind. Don’t get me wrong. I love my partner and we’re still together. There are times that we would surprise each other so that our relationship wouldn’t be stale or boring. The excitement is still there only in few given moments.

Contrary to popular belief, this is my kind of perfect love. It is stable and caring. It is calm and doesn’t have all the unnecessary drama.

Who needs drama in their life anyway? Drama isn’t needed to keep things exciting. Life only needs you and your partner. No one needs to stress themselves just to keep things lively. If you’re looking for the lively fireworks in your life, then you must be looking for something else and not love.

Love between you and your partner is all that you need. Understanding and compassion are the keys to your longevity. Love is like a calm open lake. The ripples of the lake are like the “action” in your life but not like the waves of the ocean that would drown you.

So next time when looking for that perfect love, you have to ask yourself is love what you really want or just something that’s like the movies. Like the movies, it isn’t real, you don’t know the behind the scenes of it all.