Love Them With All Of Your Heart



Try to love someone with all your heart so that your soul feels as if it has fulfilled its purpose. Love someone with your eyes closed because good things in life, such as love, are supposed to be felt.

That way you will reach the depths of that person and touch them there.

Love someone in a way which makes them feel free, free to fall in love with you, even twice as much as you do. Love someone so much that you won’t have to worry about who gets an upper hand. You both will be equally willing to compromise. Love someone so much that compromise won’t feel like a compromise. Love someone so much that the loving sets you free.

Love someone not as an option but as a lifestyle that you have for the rest of your life. Love someone in a way which teaches you how to love yourself.

There will be times when you will doubt if it’s enough, if you are enough. At times like these, know that no one was born without flaws and these are the very things which makes you who you are.

And that is the most authentic thing about you.

Sometimes we hide our scars from people, especially from the ones who are close to us. Remember this while loving someone. Remember that the hurt which they are going through, for which they have the scars to prove, have moved mountains to be here with you. Love their scars, know that you are not just loving a human being but a fucking warrior.

Not all seasons are the same. In spite of that, love all the seasons which mark the lines of their palms. No matter how much you love, there won’t be an eternal spring in their life. Survive the winter together. That will prove it to them that you belong in their spring too. Love them for who they are.

Stop assuming or coming up with your own theories about who they might be. Let them surprise you. Remember you are surprising yourself most of the time, realizing you are not exactly sure if you know yourself. Then how can you predict something about someone else whose path you haven’t travelled with them till now?

Love their quirks, their weirdness. Fall in love with what you discover about them every single day. Look at them with wonder, the way you look at the sun no matter how many times you’ve seen the sun rise or set before.

Love the moon in their eyes. Know that the sadness is a part of being human. And that when you make an effort to love them, the dark clouds will part away and the moon will be whole once again. You will start seeing the stars in their eyes which with your loving, will shine only for you.

Love someone so that while doing all that loving, you understand the true meaning of love. In loving someone, other than yourself, you will be celebrating your life. Loving someone adds colour to not just their life but yours too. The gift of giving someone makes your life worthwhile. But it makes more sense to be yourself filled with so much love that the giving doesn’t drain you.

So make time for yourself, to love and care for you. Get to know yourself first so that you will be able to understand someone else better, to love better. When given an opportunity to love someone, turn it into gold. Just as the archaeologists know that the deeper the hidden treasure is, the more valuable it is. The deeper you go, the more you will find their broken pieces hidden inside which you will come to love.

Love them wildly. Love the rawness, the pink flesh which you will see when they strip themselves down to their bones for you. Know that it will be the toughest thing for them to do, to trust someone. Make them so comfortable that even if they dress themselves up again in public, they will make it a habit to undress that fake skin when it’s just the two of you. Make yourself worthy of that kind of trust.

Know that love is the only thing real in this world. Rest is just an illusion. Don’t take such a thing for granted, because love is the foundation for the creation of this universe. It’s all those little things in them which the universe has taken time on, and delicately carved out in detail, appreciate them every time you notice them.

There will be times when you will expect. Of course it’s human to give and take. Make sure that you are not expecting just because you are giving something because sometimes it happens that the things which we give may not be the things which they need. Love them passionately. Sometimes it may hit the rooftop, stretching the ceiling further to reach the sky. Let it. Do not set rules or put limitations on your love. Let it flow freely like water, let it go wherever it wishes to. Love has a strong intuition. It will know where it is much needed and heal there.

And when you do, do it not just for the sake of loving someone but because it makes you feel whole.

Love someone so that you can teach them how to love themselves. Love in a way which even love didn’t know how.