Love Lives In This Generation


“I give up on love. Love doesn’t live in this generation. It is not the same.”

You’ve heard this an overwhelming amount of times. Right? Me too. 

You’ve heard them say that love isn’t the same anymore. You’ve heard them say that it is not what it was in the past. You’ve heard them say that love doesn’t last anymore. You’ve heard them say that you can’t find a genuine connection anymore. Maybe you’ve even heard them say that real love doesn’t exist anymore. I’m sure that you’ve heard all of this. Or, maybe, you’ve even thought about this at some point. Maybe, you even believed in it. Maybe, you still believe in it. Whatever the case is, I’m here to give you another perspective. I’m here to make you rethink and believe in love, a little more. 

Let’s start off by asking ourselves: Are we the problem? Do we change how we love because we see some things around us that make us want to close all of our walls? Do we fear love? Do we spend time searching for love? Are we filled with love? Or, have we allowed our negative experiences to change how we love? These are all some questions to ask yourself because in order to make a change or realize why something is not present, we must figure out if it lives inside of us.

We fantasize about the old times because we weren’t present. We think that we missed something. But, we don’t know exactly how love was like back then. We don’t know if it was more beautiful than it is now. Some people say that social media has ruined love and relationships. Did they forget that a human lives behind the screen? Did they forget that a human holds a cellphone?

I don’t think that social media ruins love. I think that it reveals the character of a specific person. You see, when opportunity came, that person made the decision to act. Social media didn’t. If another opportunity would have presented itself, then that individual might have done the same thing. Social media may not have been present in the past. Therefore, that specific opportunity was not there, but I am sure that another opportunity was. Whenever someone wants to do something, they will find a way. It all lies in the person’s character. The whole point is that you don’t know whether or not more love existed in a previous generation.

What you can control is the now.

Many of us believe that love doesn’t live in this generation, but many of us also do nothing to create it. If that is really the case, then how about we create more love in this generation? I say that we use love, the greatest force that lives inside of us, and we use it to our full potential. If we see love in a person, we should say it. We don’t have to play games. We don’t have to keep guessing. Text back. Call first. Have deep conversations. Go on romantic dates. Write love letters. We don’t have to play games at all. Love is not a game, anyway. If you want games, then you shouldn’t be looking for love. Instead, you should look for something else. Love is a force of energy. Love is the most beautiful thing that your eyes are not able to see, but your heart can feel.

There are plenty of people, just like you. There are people who love hard. There are people who give their all. Their are people who value trust. There are people who place love first. There are people who still write love letters. There are people who will love every single thing about you. You just have to keep going. You have to keep searching. Until then, fill yourself up with more love.

Stop blaming this era. Stop blaming this generation. After all, you live in it. You have the power to love. And, if you still don’t truly believe that love lives in this generation, then create it. Create love until the rest will admire its beauty and want to create it themselves, too. Inspire.