Love Isn’t Patient, It’s Brutal


They say love is patient. They say love is kind. I cannot begin to explain how wrong they all are.

Love is not patient. Love is not kind.

Love is brutal. Love is irrational. Love hurts.

It consumes your soul like a fire. It feeds on your heart like a parasite. It drowns you underwater, and it holds you there for as long as it wants.

Love wants to chew you up and spit you out. Intentions involve stealing your heart and taking away any sort of identity that you thought you had. It takes your time and takes you to many places.

Love is taunting. It dangles what you care about right in front of you. Right when you thought you have it, it fidgets out of your reach.

All of a sudden, you have nothing left to give.

Love took your heart, and broke it in two. Love took your soul, and put it through the shredder. Love took your body, and gave you third-degree burns. Love took your future, because you thought you found it but it isn’t there anymore. Love took your hands, because whatever you once held on too was gone, and love amphuatated them.

Love took your voice because now you are speechless so you are reading this instead, trying to make sense of this voice because yours doesn’t exist anymore.

Love is not patient. Love is not kind.

Love is patient. Love is kind.

It gives you hope and feelings of joy. Words that once seemed too big to pronounce are now eloquently stranded into your vocabulary.

Love decides when to show up. It doesn’t rush itself, it chooses when to reveal itself or keep hiding in the shadows.

Loves makes you crazy, but a good kind of crazy. A crazy when your mind is consumed with thoughts of them and only them.

Love makes you blind to the world around you. A good type of blind as impossible as it sounds. Everything glows a little brighter, good things seem a little bigger and that bad things simply shrink.

All of a sudden, you begin to give everything.

Love took your heart and made it feel more. Love took your soul and put it together with someone else’s. Love took your body and placed a zoo of butterflies into your stomach. Love took your future because it added an unexpected addition to it. Love took your hands and gave it a sculpture that mended and blended perfectly into yours.

Love took your mind because now they are all you every seem to think about.

Love is patient. Love is kind.

They say love is patient. They say love is kind. I could begin to agree more.