Love Is Scary, But We Do It Anyway


Love is scary, but we do it anyway.

We do it because we have beating hearts that are made to do exactly what we are afraid of. We do it because we are created to follow our fear, we are designed to look at it, unravel it, make friends with it, and then take it with us as we jump into the unknown. We do it because we are made to risk, which means we are made to love. We do it because risking and loving are the same, to love we must risk, to risk we must love. We do it, because why the hell not- we are alive. We do it because we have to, to stay alive. We do it because it makes us come alive. It sparks the life in our souls, electrifies the blood in our veins. It reminds us why we are here, with our feet on the earth, wandering, falling, landing in unknown places.

Love is scary, but we do it anyway.

We do it because it is what we all have in common. It is the one language we all speak, understand, and are indebted to. We love because it’s what connects us together, what reminds us that maybe we are not all so alone. We love because it makes us better. It reminds us that there is a force out there that is bigger than ourselves- the very force beneath the ground that moves us. It is what leads us the way when we are lost, lonely, uncertain. We do it, because it gives us answers when nothing else can.

Love is scary, but we do it anyway, because it is worth it.

It is worth the breaking and the falling and the mornings we can’t seem to roll out of bed. All of it, is worth it to love. We do it, because when we take our last breaths, we will not be thinking about the shoes on our feet, the extra weight on our bellies that was never even there in the first place, or the cars in our garage. We will be thinking about love. Love, love, love. At the end of our lives, it will be all that is left, which means that right now, it must be all there is, and all that ever will be. We do it, because we are simply made to. These big, wild, juicy hearts- they are made to love.

So we do it.

We love. We love, we love, we love. Even when it is scary, we love fearlessly, we love fiercely, we love without reckon and without limits. We love- because when everything else is stripped away, when the leaves fall, and the earth shakes, love is what wraps us in its’ arms and holds us.