Love Is Not Supposed To Be Hard


It has taken me a long time to understand this, but love is not supposed to be hard. You should not have to beg someone to love you. Real love does not make you question your worth; real love takes you with open arms despite your flaws, despite the scars you may carry. Love is when you see beyond what is in front of you. Love is when you see the other for their heart and soul. Love is when you look into someone’s eyes and see everything you need.

Love does not interrupt your growth but instead stands by you and helps you grow. Love should not exhaust you or drain you; instead, it should feel like a breath of fresh air. Love is a partnership where you are an equal. No matter how long the journey may be, no matter what obstacles you may have to face, love never lets go. Love holds your hand and guides you to the highest of mountains.

Love is an adventure that allows you to see the true beauty that exists in the eyes of another being. Love adds to your authenticity; it does not shed parts of it. Love is found among those who feel like home. Love feels like a cool summer breeze—it reminds you what it feels like to be alive. Love is infectious. It purifies the heart and it heals you in ways you would never imagine.

Love is everything you have imagined it to be. All it takes is the right people to show you that you are not hard to love, that you are worthy of all the love you give out. So when you experience love so deep, love that adds value, love that melts every inch of your heart with so much warmth and gratitude, you will realize how easy it really is, because love is not supposed to be hard.