Love Is Not A Word, It’s A Way Of Life


LOVE: A word most often used all over the world and a word used among all the generations. Is it just a word or just an emotion? I have given it a thought many times but in the end I think no matter how much practical we become, words can never do any justice to the definition of love. Everyone has their own definition and their own way to express it. Some do it by saying it, some will show it in their actions and some people keep it silently in their heart while doing everything for their loved ones without letting anyone know about it.

LOVE is supposed to be pure, strong, or just a way of living life. At times looking at people in love I am compelled to think maybe it is a way to either hide oneself from the rest of the word or just find one’s true self. At times it is just nothing but a deep longing to live by their own terms so badly that people just fall in love and find a good enough reason to run away and build the life they always wanted to have. But how this happens or how can someone fall in love? Can this be intentional or just as simple as said ¨love at first sight¨ or merely a false image of being attached to someone?

In a honest comment, the definition of being in love or saying he/she is my love is actually a definition created by our own needs, desires, priorities and experiences. A lot of daily life factors have a huge role in putting this definition all together. I love him so much he is so nice, very mature, handsome or  she is so beautiful like an angel fallen from sky to ground just for me.. now yeah we will say awwww .. wait wait wait.. really I mean really a angel has fallen from sky and still all tip top dressed like a fairy.. and not only this there are lot of such reasons like this well settled, career oriented and blah blah blah..

Isn’t love expected to be unconditional if it is a true love? Or is it meant to be there for you through thick and thin? But what has happened to that kind of love? Why marriages today are on the verge of divorce in few months or a year or two? I am not saying true love doesn’t exist, some people are so meant to be together that I myself can´t take my eyes off them. And in my heart I am silently wishing for the same and even praying for them to be always together and happily married till their last breath.

Love: a mothers concern for her children or a father standing beside his daughter always. A man holding his wife in his arms when she is sick or elder brother/sister giving their share of dessert to their younger ones or a dog licking you all over no matter how much you tell him to stop stop..
Life is blissful isn’t it and it is blissful because there is love and it is very beautiful no doubt.

The world is changing so fast that maybe we should re-think our definition of love.

Love is not the feeling we have when we meet someone nice, talented or magical or charismatic but love is what the other person does to you, how he/she makes you feel today and will do the same or more year after years. How that one person has the talent to bring the best in you or make you smile even when you have every single reason to cry and give up. Someone who has courage to be there for you always in your bad times.

LOVE is not a part of life but love is a way of living life.