Love Is Found In Laughter


Love is found in laughter.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you see the laugh lines around your mouth and the ones that surround your eyes? Those are the marks of love. Those creases, and folds, and crevices are the most important tattoos you’ll ever get.

When you look at them, I hope they remind you of talks at the diner until 2 am, and inside jokes that only you and your beloved will understand. I hope they remind you of the feeling that comes with laughing until your belly hurts – the kind of laugh that takes your breath away and simultaneously gives your abs a workout. When you look at those lines I hope you’re reminded of whispers that made you giggle when you both were supposed to be quiet and serious. I hope you’re reminded of talks around the kitchen table that may have started as a squabble, but then ended with fits of laughter.

Those creases, and folds, and crevices are gifts from the universe – marks and reminders of a love that makes your heart swell and expand, and grow bigger than you ever had anticipated.

For love is found in laughter.

When you laugh, it’s magic. When you’re beloved laughs, that magic is somehow elevated. When both of you laugh, it’s the greatest sound in the whole world. It’s the sound of two hearts, mixing as one. It’s the sound of pure joy, and happiness, and love.

Sometimes I think the greatest love songs start with the memory of laughter – and the rest of the music just unfolds from there.

Sounds of laughter remind us of inside jokes and of the vulnerability that comes with being silly and unguarded. Two lovers laughing, together, is one of the most intimate things in this world. Maybe everyone else understands why you’re laughing, and maybe they do not. But either way, it doesn’t matter, because the laughter is not for them – it is for you and your beloved.

In that laughter, you see one another, you hear one another, you’re with one another, too.

Laughter makes your heart happy, it makes your face light up, it makes your smile stretch wider than you ever thought possible – for love is found in laughter.

And laughter is found in the greatest love.