Love Doesn’t Always Last Forever, Sometimes It’s Tears and Goodbyes


I always wondered how people handled breakups, especially those relationships that lasted for a long time.

How do they wake up in the morning with no more “good morning” messages? How do they walk pass that person and act like they don’t know each other? How do they handle problems by themselves when they used to have someone to lean on? How do they wake up one day, no longer having that person, and pretend it’s all okay? How did they adjust with such a big change?

It all sounds so difficult and challenging. It’s so hard to suddenly go back to the part of your life when you didn’t have someone. It’s hard to remember what you were when you didn’t have them, because it’s been so long. And all along, you thought you’d always have them. But here you are, facing life alone again. No longer having them to vent all of your life worries to.

It sounds depressing to face life’s obstacles on your own again, right? You start to ask yourself:

How do you do it, again? How do you wake up alone in bed? How do you cook for just one? How was it like to cry, and no longer having those arms to comfort you? How can you be happy, when you no longer have them with you?

But as I experienced it all myself, one word comes to mind: Acceptance. It all starts and ends with that 10-letter word. Acceptance that it’s really done. Acceptance that they’re no longer yours. Acceptance that you now have to carry on without them. Acceptance that you can be happy, even by yourself. Acceptance that you’re not really meant for each other, and that you’re just both each others lessons you’ll always remember.

Love isn’t always forever and always, sometimes it’s tears and goodbyes. And I guess it’s what you really call a “happy ending,” because even if it might not be a real, “happy” ending, you’ve both set each other free to find your real happiness.