Love Between Us Is Only A ‘Maybe’


We could both be in love with each other, you know?

Only if you’d stop listening to that empty heart. Only if I’d stop looking after the scarred edges in your heart, everytime she drags you down.

Only if you’d stop staring at those vacant eyes, hoping to see the love that has escaped long ago. Only if I’d stop myself from reaching out to you everytime I see a frown trying to shadow your lips.

Only if you’d stop taking in every harsh word that escapes her mouth, piercing your heart. Only if I’d stop my heart beating like drums every time I heard your laughter resonating in the hallways.

Only if we’d both just stop whatever it is that we are doing to distract ourselves from everything life has to offer. Only if we’d both, for once, let each other believe in our worth by ourselves.

Maybe then, we could look each other in the eye and know what we’ve both been missing all along. Maybe then, we could discover a new perspective towards us, towards her and towards the world.

Maybe then, we could find a way to be in love with each other. Not for one day but from day one. Maybe we could do that.

Maybe then, we could look each other in the eye; feel our hearts stir, swoon and stop.

Maybe then, we could both listen to the quiet. Maybe then, we could love the silence and the slow rhythm of our hearts. Beat. Beat. Beat.

And then slowly, maybe, you’d let me dive into the depth of your hazel eyes. Maybe then we’d both realize that we are not perfect. But we could keep each other crazy. And happy. And loved.

Maybe then, we could both listen to the frantic beating of our hearts. This time, both in sync. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Maybe. Just maybe. Maybe then, we’d love the chaos, the quiet; the laughter, the tears; the sighs, the whispers. Together.

Maybe we could be, do all that and more. Maybe we could.

But the truth is: we don’t.

But you are still staring into her eyes, stealing glances and whispers every chance you get. You are still listening to her murmurs, watching her every movement, noticing her every mood.

And I am still trying hard not to notice your moments of hesitation and insecurity. I am still trying not be bothered by everything that you do.

Maybe someday, we will both open our eyes. But for now, we will both stay blind and sane.