Look In The Mirror And Love What You See


A beautiful soul is more valuable than a beautiful face.

The entire universe is telling you that you are beautiful. But here you are, standing in front of the mirror, anxiously looking at your reflection, eyes full of worries and doubts.

“Will I fit in?”

“Am I good enough?”

Scared and nervous, you caught yourself looking back at this person trying your best to smile. You close your eyes and heard the little voices at the back of your mind saying that the plain-looking you is never good enough. Eyes red and heart beating faster, you tried to wipe away the tears that swelled up but they kept falling endlessly.

As you opened your eyes, you saw a lady in the mirror. You looked closer and saw her scars, wounds and puffy eyes. Again, you gave that lady an awkward smile. Every time you look at each other, you see a fat, short, poignant lady. But behind those scars is a brave heart that choose to live through life even though her world is falling apart. Her wounds may sometimes bring pain, but she chooses to ignore and create delightful stories.

Her sad puffy eyes choose to see love and beauty in every person she meets and constantly believes that the world is still a pleasant place. Yes, to you she may be fat; rest assured inside is also a big heart that has the capacity to give away as much love to other people. Yes, for you she may be short, but it doesn’t mean she is anything less. Yes, she is imperfect, but like everybody else, she can be amazing.

As these thoughts fill your head, you smiled. This time your smile was genuine because inside you felt beautiful. You are God’s artwork and He designed you to be perfectly imperfect! Slowly, your feelings began to change. You started to feel the warm sunlight streaming through the glass window that touched your skin, you noticed the curtains swaying, and you felt the gush of wind that blew through the half opened door.

The girl in the mirror spoke with a definitive voice, “Hey, Beautiful Soul! And you are happy because that girl in the mirror is you, no longer wishing and trying to be anyone else.