Listen To The Music Around You — It Might Be A Message From Your Twin Flame


Music is such a wonderful tool to connect with your Twin Flame. Twin Flames often use music and songs as a telepathic aid in order to share spiritual messages and emotions. Music is a wonderful and powerful telepathic transmitter of Divine Communication. It is as if your Divine Counterpart is speaking directly to you through the medium of music.

Music is often sent by the Twin Flame at the Divine time to assist their beloved with healing. Music is able to heal a multitude of issues such as loneliness, sadness, and separation. Music can actually be considered a medium which communicates the true feelings of Twin Flames towards their counterparts in that moment.

While listening to music in your home, car or in a surrounding area such as restaurant or club, the music will resonate with you, and it will be as if your Twin is singing directly to your soul. The synchronies are amazing and can help the Twin Flame Union, especially those who are not in direct contact with their beloved.

This is possible because Twin Flames often develop a telepathic connection if they trust and don’t doubt the connection. Their authentic feelings are being expressed and exposed, and this allows you to sit in their love in that moment. The music lyrics will even address questions or concerns you may have. Listen to the undertones of the music and you will often hear lyrics and messages you never noticed before. Please keep an open mind and heart.

I believe God has blessed certain artists with the gift of music for this very purpose. Music is eternal, and I also consider these chosen artists to be musical angels. Music is the sound of the spirit. At times, the Twin Flame journey can be very blissful, and I believe music allows blissfulness to flow between Twins. It is as if your Twin has control over your music selection. Music that you are unaware of mysteriously appears in your music library.

Singing is also another effective and significant tool to use when communicating with your Twin, even if you cannot sing. It’s actually the emotions you put into the song that they can feel and sense. Your Twin will be able to feel your soul. Allow your Twin Flame journey to unfold through the sound of music.

The Divine Masculine prefers the vehicle of music to communicate with their Divine Feminine in order to create balance and also to express those feeling they are unable to express in the 3D realm, due to their current circumstance or fear of rejection.

Connecting with music through your heart chakra will allow the heart chakra to open, allowing yourself to receive the telepathic message with an open heart. Trust the musical telepathic connection that is being sent to you by your Twin Flame. This requires a certain amount of faith and knowledge of self. Music is used by your spiritual guides to pull you into alignment. Don’t resist or doubt the interaction. Music is a beautiful way to heal and uplift the soul.