Lil Wayne’s Daughter Is Stepping Onto The Music Scene, Much To Our Dismay


On this week’s episode of “Weezy Wednesdays,” Lil’ Wayne’s weekly web series, he revealed his newest label signee.  The new member of Lil’ Wayne and Mack Maine’s Young Money label is none other than Weezy’s daughter. 16-year old Reginae Carter is joining the plethora of talentless turds on the YMCMB roster, including “Chanel West Coast” from Rob Dyrdek’s shows. Reginae obviously worked incredibly hard to earn this record deal, and after seeing her debut video it’s clear she fits right in with the squad of duds.


If you want to put yourself through the agony of watching Reginae’s video “Mind Goin’ Crazy,” you can regrettably check it out below.  To sum it up, it’s like Rebecca Black’s “Friday” on Ciroc and molly.


Reginae steps out in what looks to be fancy slumber party attire, singing and/or rapping (I don’t know what to call the shit) on this heavily auto-tuned debris.  The hook consists of her repeating “Mind goin’ crazy.”  She then proceeds to repeatedly say, “Get crazy go stupid.”  Some truly deep, important and inspiring stuff here.  In fact, I got so crazy turnt-up stupid dumb I swallowed a bottle of Ambien and threw my laptop in the creek behind my house.


Throughout watching I was truly in disbelief at how her diamonds were shining “stupid stupid.”  How does one get their diamonds to shine so stupid stupid?  I’ll have to ask next time I see her at the club.  Regardless of the simplicity and stupidity in the song lyrics, I continued watching because of the beat.  After all, beat makers are keeping rap and dance music alive.  For this fact alone I can’t even continue tearing apart this overweight 16-year old’s nonsense song.  It’s no better or worse than the typical rap-pop filth we hear daily on the radio.  Ranting about the trash “popular” music we’re exposed to daily is for another day entirely.


Overall, Reginae Carter is waddling onto the music scene in generic fashion.  These major record labels know what uneducated, substance-abusing teenagers want to hear.