Life Is Short—So Live


All you have to do is look at the world around you, or watch the news for a few minutes, and one thing will be painfully and obviously apparent: that life is, if anything, short.

As cliche as it may sound, life is short and no one is guaranteed tomorrow. And, unless we are reincarnated, this life we have is our one shot at everything. And even though we all say we know this, it amazes me how little it seems to affect how we live.

But it should. Life is short. And we should live accordingly.

Life is too short to put off what you want. If you want to travel, find a way. If you want to watch the sunrise over the ocean, then go to the beach. If you have goals for yourself, work to make them happen. Don’t push it off thinking you’ll get around to it. If you’re craving something, for god’s sake, indulge. There’s no reason to deny yourself a little taste of joy.

Life is too short for shitty relationships. If it is friends or family or partners, it doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t put up with less than you want and deserve. You and your health are important. You have to put yourself first. Life is too short for relationships that are toxic or draining or unfulfilling. If they take more then they give, dump them! Life is too short to let shitty people, who aren’t adding to your life, to bring you down.

And speaking of relationships, life is too short for shitty, subpar love. Are we all going to have a fairy tale love with a white knight? Probably not. Are we going to have mind blowing sex every day? Also probably not. But that doesn’t mean settle for less than you deserve. Love should add to your life; it should make it better and easier. It should be the sprinkles on top of your ice cream, making it just a little better. If your significant other doesn’t add joy to your life than it is time to re-evaluate. Life is too short for a love story that is…well shitty.

Life is too short to stay in situations that drain you and bring you down. Work, school, living situations, etc. The great thing is life can be changed and restarted at any time. If you’re not happy, try a new path. Life is too short to stay in situations that stress you, depress you, drain you, or leave you unfulfilled. It is too short to be miserable and tired. If you’re not happy, it is ok to leave or to start over.

Life is short. Don’t settle. Make the most of it. It is the one you that you owe yourself, to make the most of every moment in the fleeting time you have. Don’t come to the end of the road and have regrets. Come to the end able to smile, knowing that you made the most of your time