Life Is A Rollercoaster, So Conquer It


It’s often said that life is a rollercoaster.

We get strapped into our seat. Constraints tightly wrap us in their grip to hold us back from traumatic disaster as anticipation, excitement, curiosity and stress sit in a pit in our stomach. Despite being held in the safety of tight constraints, we get thrown in every direction.

Tossed around like rag dolls, we see the highest of highs and the lowest of lows as we ride.

We fly through the air as memories, tears, years, and time passes us by.

From our lowest points, we get brought out of the darkness, and at our peaks, when it seems like nothing could ever go wrong, we get thrown back to the bottom.

Much like rollercoasters, life is unpredictable. But even though we get sick or scared from what we just witnessed, we go back.

We get back on the ride because we crave anything that makes us feel alive.

In a world so exhausting and so mundane that it makes us want to rip off the constraints and end it all, we pull them tighter around us.

We pull them so tightly that we can feel ourselves holding our breath.

We keep everything we love closest to us so that the world doesn’t have the audacity to steal them away.

But for a moment or two, we feel free.

As we move towards the top, we loosen the constraints.

We take a deep breath.

We lift our arms and release the scream that has been building in our stomach since we first got on this ride.

It’s not a scream of fear or anguish.

It’s a scream telling the world that we’re alive.

We made it through the highs and the lows as we held the constraints too tight.

We now know that we’re capable of every drop and peak the world dares to throw at us.

Every time we get back on the ride, we enter it with more strength, courage and resilience.

Gritting our teeth through the lows and celebrating the highs, we not only master the ride, we conquer it.