Life Advice: You Can Only Show The D*ck You’ve Got


You can no more show a bigger/smaller/wider/straighter/bendier/thinner/crazier dick to the world than you can show up as the protagonist of your life dressed as somebody else.

So stop worrying about it.

Stop panicking that somehow, you are not enough.

That you should be something else.

You don’t need to be anything other than what you are. There’s no requirement for you to operate differently to how you already do, to perform a different role in a different way in order to be received as something else.

Everything about you is just right. The bend of your calf and the lick in your hair. The sound of your laugh and the smudge in your handwriting. Your pain. Your needs. What and who you love. Already, you’re the perfect package.

Stop making excuses for yourself.

Put a pin in the story you tell yourself, and others, about the person you’ll be one day.

One day isn’t coming. All you’ve got is now, and so please, for love of all that is true, go stand in front of the mirror and look yourself in the eye and say, out loud, I am loved.

Loved for who you are, by you, delicious imperfections and all.

When you know you are loved, you are brave. When you are brave, you are proud of who you are. When you are proud of who you are, nobody can stop you fulfilling every dream you’ve ever had because: GO TEAM. Being your own champion is the most freeing choice you can make.

People treat us how we ask to be treated. If we are already apologizing for who we are, making ourselves small so that we don’t risk being truly seen, the world will respond in kind. We’ll be told we’re not enough because we already said that first, and the good things will happen to the person who said out loud he deserves them.

Nobody is forming an orderly queue to tell you how magnificent you are.

Nobody else is responsible for putting light in your eyes and a spring in your step.

You’ve got to do those things for yourself. Now. Today. Not tomorrow when you’ve altered this, not next week when you have changed that. You’ve got to capitalize on the agonizing freedom that it starts and ends within us, and we’re already the pleased owner of every skill and piece of knowledge it takes to rule our own inner worlds.

Then, once we’ve done that, the outer world becomes so much less scary.

This isn’t an empty self-help blow of smoke up your ass. This is real, tangible advice. That by recognizing you can only show you the dick you’ve got, you’ll own it, use it the best way you can. And if the one true thing in life is that we must either be first, best, or different, know that declaring who you are who you are and not apologizing for that means you get to be all three.