Let’s Put The Future On Hold For One More Day


Come back now, every step you take away from me, I feel something cracking inside. I know we both have dreams to chase, but let’s put the future on hold for one more day. Let’s go back home, let’s argue about which show to watch, let’s kiss on the couch, and I’ll breathe in your delicious shower smell. Let’s scatter our memories across the coffee table and laugh like everything isn’t falling apart.

I can see your flight number flashing on the screen. There is a knot in my chest that won’t unravel until you turn back. The waves are threatening to spill from my eyes, damn it, you know I hate crying in public. Turn back, one more time so I can see that face I call home.

The memories are too cruel, I can hardly swallow their bitter aftertaste. The drowsy afternoon cuddles, your fierce protective arms around me, your silly jokes that make me cringe. Your listless and spaced out face when you’re galaxies away, the smile that unfolds when you come back to me on Earth. Your attention seeking, head on my lap, your guitar playing romantic that always makes me swoon, your kindness that refuses to crack under the weight of a world always demanding something from you.

All the pieces of the past are tearing at me now, don’t go.

Don’t go, I’ve not yet perfected the art of saying goodbye, the words are still trapped in my throat, I’ll get better, give me some time.

What if the months spread between us, like a gaping chasm, what if our love gets distorted by time and resentments? What if the distance between us becomes too far for any flight to reach?

How will I reach you then across these miles?

Come back now, let’s put the future on hold for one more day.