Let Yourself Be The Badass Chick You Are


Stop being a doormat to other people because of your insecurities. Start living your life with confidence and being the best version of you to attract the same back to you. You can’t expect to manifest the life or the people you want in your reality by sitting on your bed visualizing and feeling sorry for yourself. Be unapologetically selfish with going after the life you want. If you want results to appear, then you need to take assertive action. You must be willing to change and shift your state of being to derive the life you seek.

Recognize your worth, stop being sad all the time, and move forward.

The more you are afraid to say no, the more that people will take advantage of you, and in turn, tell you no. At some point, you must stop caring about that other person and what they are doing. The more energy you focus on the needy and desperate behavior, the more that energy will be sent out into the world and to that person. Start prioritizing yourself so that someone else will as well. Find that badass version of you that doesn’t give a fuck!

If you’re not taking care of yourself, if you’re feeling desperate, if you’re not prioritizing yourself, then who will? In fact, feeling that way will just push that person away and out of your life for good. Do the things you want in life and stop worrying about them; stop putting your life on hold. You say things like, “Well if I was with him, I would be happy,” or “If I could just have that certain job, I would be happy,” but it’s bullshit. I’m sure you’ve seen people who got what they wanted and were happy for a hot minute and then said, “Now what?” I’m sure you’ve seen people who seemingly have it all and are not happy. Happiness is a state of being, and it has nothing to do with the other person or material things. It’s about your confidence and self-worth to see your life from a positive mind frame.

Stop sitting around and waiting for a damn text message from someone like your happiness depends on it. You energetically send out a stench of neediness that gets absorbed into the universe and to that person you are trying to attract. Start living, start being, start breathing your best life now. Debbie Downer and Sad Sally are not going to bring you the person you desire in your life. Stop laying on your bed crying and giving attention to what you don’t have and be a badass bitch. Get back on your feet, stop feeling powerless, and be the creator of your life.

I’m not telling you not to be affected or to not feel sad, because you need to honor those feelings. I am saying to let it go. Don’t wait around for anyone and don’t chase anyone—know your worth. Set a standard for yourself that draws in the right person to put you on a pedestal.

You have the right to be selfish with you and bring in the love that you are naturally born to have. That doesn’t mean intentionally hurting anyone to acquire that life, it just means putting yourself in the driver’s seat instead of letting people walk all over you. Love yourself enough to speak your truth; love yourself enough to be brave enough to change. Love your mind, love your body, love your face, and love all that is you. If you don’t love your body, then change it. If you don’t love your mind, then change it. Take action to be the best version of you to attract the best person to treat you the way you deserve.

You don’t deserve to be lied to. You don’t deserve to be cheated on. You don’t deserve to be ghosted. If these situations continue to happen, concentrate on the negative thoughts that you are telling yourself and flip that shit! Start making demands for yourself and don’t look back. Put yourself in a position of power and take your power back. When you see confident people who don’t put their value on someone else, who don’t get destroyed when someone leaves but find more reasons to love themselves, they look attractive. They are energetically drawing the right people into their life. If you’re saying, “Why is everyone around me in a relationship and I am alone,” then you are going to be alone and depressed, because that is where you are focusing your energy.

If you’re with someone and you’re accepting crumbs and dragging your dignity through the dirt, what is going to change? Guess what? You are unbelievably gorgeous. You are someone that lights up a room with your smile, and you are talented beyond belief. Now stand in your greatness, be the badass chick that you are, and start living!