Let This Be A Lesson In Love—It Matters How This Ends


I felt your heart race, and all I could think about was how I needed space. Although putting my head on your chest was my intent to feel calm, not to want to run.

I kissed your cheek, but it just made me feel so bleak.

You left me alone right as I started to feel like home. You ran scared, so I prepared. Now, how did I end up here, again, this isn’t the end?

You’re not even sure yourself, like my heart is just sitting on your shelf…

Please know that is not true the next time you feel blue. Although this may come as a surprise, your actions will become the demise of what I feel for you.

It isn’t that I don’t want you. I don’t want anyone who isn’t sure whether they want me.

You see, I matter too…just as much as you. But to me, I matter more. Something we both have in common, and that’s perfectly okay.

I can spend my nights at home cuddled up to my cardigans that smell like you.

However, just like you, I can sleep alone, bare and at peace because I have me. I promised myself I would never put someone who made minimum effort before my own heart again. And I meant that. 

You should know though, I also mean what I told you of how I feel about you. I do want to hold you tight, but only if you treat me right. I want to keep you warm, but not at the exchange of myself feeling cold.

And lastly, I do want to make sure you feel loved for the rest of your life. I want to do that so immensely.

Just not if the love isn’t returned…Not if you don’t love me too.