Let Me Tell You What Life Is About


Life is all about good food, good booze, and lots of laughs with the people you hold close to your heart.

It’s also about pushing yourself. Making something better of yourself. Striving to be the best you possible.

It’s about sunsets and bike rides. Good books and whatever it is you call “Church” on Sundays. Early morning runs and frozen yogurt. Family vacations and dancing in the street. Finger painting and jumping in puddles. Kisses and plane rides.

It’s made up of the most beautiful moments. The sound of your niece and nephew laughing. Advice from your father. Stories from your grandparents. A hug from your mother. Secrets with your sister.

It’s about being there for the people who need you. The people whose hearts are breaking. The same people who helped you get through your rock bottom. Be there for them. Love them.

It’s about smiling because you have so many things to be grateful for. Always be gracious. Never forget that.

It’s about change and growth. Being thankful for your past, and hopeful for your future, but always embracing the moment you’re in. This moment. Right now. EMBRACE IT.

It gives you plenty of opportunities to GET OVER YOURSELF. Let’s be honest. We all need to just get over ourselves. I’m not better than anyone. You are not better than anyone. We’re all equally confused and lost and trying to find our way home in this crazy world.

It’s full of surprises. Awkward moments. Moments that will force you to define yourself. Your beliefs. Moments that will change you. That will move your soul.

It’s funny and heartbreaking and at times, completely outrageous.

It keeps you on your toes.

Life is absolutely gorgeous. Absolutely breathtaking. Absolutely wonderful.